Monday, February 17, 2014

I Don't Know What I Want... Chapter 7

I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This

By Julie Jansen

Chapter 7: Bruised and Gun-shy

All right. We're still working our way through the different work situations, and as the title right there says, today we start with "Bruised and Gun-shy". This particular chapter seems to be geared toward folks who have dealt, or are dealing, with a toxic work situation.

Jansen does suggest that sometimes, getting professional help may be a good idea when it comes to the beaten-down feelings of this work situation.

But now, we have our first activity of the chapter

Step 1: Complete the "Bruised and Gun-shy Self-Assessments"

Note: I have no idea why "Assessments" is capitalized but "shy" is not.  This is how it was written in my text, and the copy editor in me wants to write a giant [SIC] all over it.


Since this work situation doesn't really apply to me, I'm just going to give you the questions and challenges of this assessment, and if it applies to you, share with us!
  • Were my values truly being met in that particular work situation?
  • Which ones were?
  • Which values were not?
  • Look back at the job or work situation that caused you to feel Bruise and Gun-shy and assess what you have learned about your attitudes.
  • If you're having self-esteem issues, find a project at work, or a consulting gig outside work, where you can use your strengths.
  • Reflect on what you've learned about yourself, especially regarding feedback about specific behavior or skills. Find ways to improve.
  • Did you deal with difficult people? How did you handle it? How might you have handled it better?
  • Are you energetic and motivated? If not, brainstorm a few ways to fix that -- they don't have to have anything to do with work.
  • Set some goals that will help you be more optimistic.
  • Brainstorm some ways you can regain your professional commitment, should it be waning.
  • Identify a few work-related positive changes you can make right away.
  • What about the actual work interested you?
  • What didn't? Why?
Does your self feel fully assessed? 

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