Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What makes you happy? #34

My oven works again!

Photo by Quadell. Woodcarving by Donald Ellis ...
Photo by Quadell. Woodcarving by Donald Ellis Waddell, Jr. :What woodcarving?? This seems to be a (surprise, surprise!) gas stove... Lupo 11:02, 4 Oct 2004 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A few months ago, our oven and stove randomly stopped working. Our landlord, who lives in the building and acts as our super, too, found a blockage and cleared it, and while the oven didn't work as well as it used to, I could make dinner and that was the important thing.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I try to use the oven, and despite preheating for something like two hours, the oven never gets to 350. Meanwhile, if you turn on a single burner, you just barely get enough flame to cook; turn on a second, and both nearly go out.

The landlord tried to fix it, and the called in a plumber friend of his to look at it, and finally they called in ConEd. The ConEd guys fixed it right up, and to test it out they turned on all four burners, full blast.

It was like a bonfire.

It may not happen often, but sometimes things just go right.

Which of your household horror stories have happy endings?
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