Tuesday, January 8, 2013


First of all, all views on this blog are entirely mine unless stated to belong to someone else, and even then there's a chance I misunderstood their views, having seen them through my own biases.  However, views in the comments section belong solely to the commentors themselves. I will do some moderation of the comments, but I do not take responsibility for your views.

Nothing I say on this blog reflects the views of any employer I have, or have had, unless it is specifically credited to them. Likewise, none of their views reflect mine unless I specifically say so. Nor do I necessarily <I>disagree</I> with any employer I might have. We're jut keeping the two separate. Because I do not want my views and theirs to be conflated, I reserve the right to disclose or not, depending on the context. I probably will most of the time.

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<I>Updated 8/25/14</I>
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