Thursday, February 13, 2014

48 Days: Can I make money as an introverted writer?

Oh, that's a good question.  And in January of 2013, Dan Miller of 48 Days took a swing at it.

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Miller responds to reader/listener question about whether someone who loves writing but is completely worn out by people can actually make money from the writing.

Miller's answer is that he loves writing, but his writing is designed to push people towards the things that actually make him money: speaking events, coaching sessions, and product sales. Uh-oh.

Fortunately, he reassures the questioner, he only does these people-facing events a handful of times a month. The rest of the time he is free to write in solitude.

That's great for Miller, who's super-established, but when I read the blogs of other writers, I don't see four days a month, scattered.  I see six-week whirlwind tours that leave the writer exhausted and, frequently, ill.  Sure, then they might get the rest of the year free, but how much of that time is spent recovering? Even extroverts need to time to clear out the Con Crud.

What do you think? Where's the sweet spot?

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