Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What makes you happy? #59

I hate most exercise, but I don't necessarily mind being active.

And there's a real nice point that comes most evenings when my FitBit buzzes on my wrist.

That buzzing means I hit 10,000 steps for the day.

Yeah, sometimes it includes a run I forced myself to take.

But sometimes it's running errands, or wandering around the park, or just decided to walk to church instead of driving, or walk to the slightly further bar.

If I can get myself out of the house, I've got a good chance of hitting it.

It's a pleasant moment.  Maybe I should even up my goal?

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Monday, December 21, 2015

I Don't Know What I Want... Chapter 12, Part 5

I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This 

By Julie Jansen 

 Chapter 12: Job Search -- the Nuts and Bolts

Your Job Search: The Most Important Elements of a Job Search.
Let's see if I can't simplify this a little.  Said elements are:

  • Your Resume. Be sure to have both an Internet version and a hard copy version.  I personally have a "master" resume that has everything, ever, plus a bank of keywords; I then edit it down to one-to-two pages for specific jobs.
  • Networking. The only people I know of who like networking don't even like networking; they like free cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres and possibly showing off to one or two specific people. But basically, real networking is just keeping in touch with people and making sure you can offer them what they need so they're eager to do the same for you. I watched your dog while you were at the funeral, so you came to my fundraiser, where you met your future partner, who introduced me to my future client. That's not so hard!
  • Answering Internet or Newspaper Ads. Meh.  Even the book says you're better off going right to the websites of companies you like and looking at their Careers pages.
  • Contingency and Search Firms.  The book says these are mostly for high-end jobs, but I've gotten several low-to-mid-range jobs though these companies.  They're given a position by their client, then comb the major job sites for likely candidates (see "Resume" and "bank of keywords").
  • Interviewing. Nothing new here.
  • Follow-up.  Write thank you notes! Emails are fine! (I try to send a quick email right away and more formal notes by the next morning). You stand out, and it's a really positive way to remind your interviewer that they saw you.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Makes You Happy? #58

For our anniversary back in September, Chris and I spent the day in Woodstock, NY.  Now, yes, a lot of the residents sure seemed like they came out for the concert and never went home.  But that's fun, too.

picture of a wrapped present
picture of a wrapped present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What was really satisfying was that we started our Christmas shopping.  Yes, it was technically too early, but as we wandered the strange little shops, small items kept jumping out at me.  Person A would love this! they'd say.  Person B would love that.  Sometimes I'd make a note.  Other times, I'd make a purchase.

Heck. It spreads out the costs so our credit card doesn't take a hit come December.  That alone makes me a little happier.

Not to rush you, but do you have any fun holiday plans yet?  

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Monday, December 14, 2015

I Don't Know What I Want... Chapter 12, Part 4

I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This 

By Julie Jansen 

 Chapter 12: Job Search -- the Nuts and Bolts

Your Job Search: You Must Make Decisions and Take Action
If you feel stuck, make the decision or take the action anyway; it's the best way to get unstuck.

...Yeah, because it's totally that easy.

But it helps to understand our motivations. Why are you doing this or that?

10/1/15: Three Good Things
  1. I have a Fitbit! I was paying a credit card I only still have because it's my oldest (as soon as my credit history allows, I'm closing it) , and saw that I have a ridiculous number of points.  Now, the points are only good in the offiial "store" -- I can't get cash back or miles or really much of anything.  I think I got a CD once, and by that I mean a Compact Disk, not a Certificate of Deposit (although, given the current interest rates, one's about a useful as the other...).  Anyway! Seeing my ridiculous amount of points, I thought I'd skim the "store" and see what thy had -- and they had some fairly high-end fitness trackers.  A little research later, and I have a Fitbit Charge HR.  This didn't happen today, but I just happened to find it useful today, so I thought I'd mention it. This happened because I managed to combine two whims (get a fitness bracelet; check out my rewards points) into something useful.
  2. It's raining! Again, this didn't start today, but it's just so nice.  It's cool, and it's sucking the humidity out of the air, and it's just a pleasant fall rainstorm. I'm trying not to be pessimistic and think about how this is probably the first salvo of a hurricane (you'll know the result of that before this goes live), so let's just enjoy it while it's good.
  3. Tea. I'm just enjoying a nice pot of tea.  I bought some tea, but not a tin for it, so I'm trying to finish off a tin that's nearly empty so I can reuse it. Also, I just like tea.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What makes you happy? #57

Chris and I  have very different views on hiking.

English: Upper Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills, NY
English: Upper Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills, NY (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I want to enjoy nature.  Look at the flowers, the animals, the waterfalls, the vistas. The physical strenuousness is a price I choose to pay for that, and if the price is too high -- if I'm too tired, or in pain, or worried about losing my footing to enjoy what's around me -- then I'm not interested.

Chris is there for the challenge. He wants to conquer the mountain; that saps all the fun out of it for me. If we're conquering, we're not appreciating.

Yes, there's probably a sociopolitical metaphor there.  No, I don't feel like untangling it right now.

For our anniversary trip [link to friday 10/2], we started by hiking the Kaaterskill Falls.  We couldn't do the whole trail; it's being renovated for safety reasons.  And the falls themselves were pretty weak, given how dry it had been.

But as a result, we could climb on boulders all the way out to the base of the falls. And we could just take in the beauty of nature.

Is it any wonder an entire arts movement was formed around this region?

Cole, Thomas - Kaaterskill Falls
Cole, Thomas - Kaaterskill Falls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Three Good Things, 9/29/15:

  1. An English muffin for breakfast. I don't buy them often, because they're kind of expensive, but a few weeks ago, they were buy one, get two free, so of course I bought three packages and froze two of them. I don't know why, but they're so much more satisfying than toast. This was caused by the willingness to jump on an opportunity when I saw it.
  2. Pulling the trigger on my dad's birthday present. For a long list of reasons I'm not getting into here, this was a frustrating task.  And as things stand now, it still won't arrive in time.  But I did it. This was caused by my recognizing the situation and being willing to organize all those involved.
  3. The Adventure Zone.  This podcast never fails to make me laugh, and I finally got to start listening to the latest episode. I really recommend it. This was caused by me recognizing the need for a laugh and the desire to catch up.

Monday, December 7, 2015

I Don't Know What I Want... Chapter 12, Part 3

I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This 

By Julie Jansen 

 Chapter 12: Job Search -- the Nuts and Bolts

Your Job Search: Have a Focused and Flexible Plan with Realistic, Achievable Goals
This is really straightforward: your plan should be made of action steps. The job search is overwhelming, but if we break it down into smaller chunks, it's doable.  For example, here are some chunks for me:

  • Update resume, consolidating freelance work into a single item.
  • Create a CV encompassing all my freelance work (and possibly some of my published writer).
  • Make a list of agencies and websites that should get my updated resume
  • Make a list of companies with freelance pools.
  • Contact at least one person off those lists every day.
  • Touch base with previous clients.
  • Update LinkedIn, including resume, CV, and links to blog.
Then, you just update your goals once a week to reflect your progress.  Nice.

What smaller goals do you have?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life Reimagined: Reimagine Your Career, Part 2

So last time we looked at this exercise, we figured out where my interests lie.  This time, we're imaging the possibilities.

We start with a brainstorm journal.  I kind of hate these; I'm not sure why.  But I jotted down some things I enjoy.

Next, I have to... huh.  Show my profile to a friend and have them come up with some ideas of types of work (not jobs, work) I might enjoy.

Well, folks, you know me decently well if you've been reading all along (especially since most of you are only reading this because you know me, let's be real...) and you got a good sense of my profile last time.

Throw some ideas at me in the comments (or on Facebook, if you're on a mobile device; you probably got here from Facebook anyway...).

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What makes you happy? #56

I mentioned before, a few weeks back [link] Chris went to a Giants game.

I've had the whole day to myself.  I do most of the time, these days, but this was different.

First, I had very few obligations that day.

Second, I wasn't sitting around the house.

I don't that combination often when I'm by myself, and even less when I'm not traveling.

But that day, it was all me, no pressure.

I went to church, got some lunch, and then just meandered until I was tired.

It was a good day.

(Well, mostly, but you already read about that[link].)