Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What makes you happy? #62

When I was a kid, the church my family belonged to had a craft fair, or Christmas bazaar, I don't recall which. I mean, they definitely had both at different points, but I don't recall which this specific event was.

There were several items for sale that people worked on in groups. Some were fairly simple, though extremely well done -- clothespin reindeer, tongue depressor Santas.
Bunny rabbit, dressed for Spring.  Photo by me.

My favorite was the Seasonal Bunny Rabbit.

(It was also available as an Elephant.)

One or two people good with woodcrafts made the bodies, while people better with sewing made bulk collections of ears in different floral and holiday patterns.

Extra ears and ribbons.  Photo by me.
Each rabbit (or elephant) came with a set of ears and some coordinating ribbons to tie around their necks.

And once a month, now that I have one of my own, I change the ears and ribbons to match season.

It's just a fun, subtle little thing that I really enjoy.

And it came with this nice poem.  Photo by me.