Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday mega-review #43

A lot of busy weekends means a lot of Fridays when I don't sit down with the review. So:

Three weeks ago, I went with Chris and some of his work friends to get dinner at Dallas BBQ and then see The LEGO Movie.  We got drinks after.
Saturday, we decided to go through Chris's Top Chef cookbook. We ran around the neighborhood gathering gourmet ingredients, then came home, made some amazing panini, and watched some Game of Thrones.
Sunday I went to my writing workshop, then we made a phenomenal, but very time-consuming, pasta dinner.

Two weeks ago was Valentine's day, so I spent most of the day making a fancy dinner for Chris, and the rest of that time getting ready for Saturday.
Saturday was the US-Russia Olympic hockey game, and we had friends over to watch and eat dinner.
Sunday we went out to Long Island for a friend's birthday lunch (warning: music will ply if you open this), and then ran a bunch of errands.
Monday, I volunteered.
Thursday, we went out with friends to try a new restaurant.

One week ago, Chris and I, along with his parents, headed down to Virginia.
His cousin's baby shower was Saturday.
Sunday, we drove home.  It was a pleasant enough weekend, but long.
Tuesday, Chris's dad took me to a financial seminar. It was more of a refresher course for me, since I used to work in mutual funds, but it was interesting. That night was book club and barbecue.

And that brings us to today, which hopefully you will hear about next week, but given how hectic my Fridays have been, I make no promises.

I've also been picking at The Atlantic Migration 1607-1860, The Complete Father Brown Stories, and Bulfinch's Mythology, and completed The Scroll of Years and 36 Hours USA & Canada: Northeast. I gave up on the bib I started, worked a nice chunk of my temperature scarf, and tried to fix some issues with Chris's scarf.

What have you been up to?

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