Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Headache vs Tired

I inherited bad sinuses. Pretty much everyone in my family gets sinus headaches whenever the weather fronts shift. I'm actually one of the lucky ones -- I've managed so far to avoid both migraines and major sinus infections. But at any given time, if you were to stop and ask me, I would almost certainly be feeling at least a little pressure behind my eye, or perhaps along my jaw.
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It's not really a big deal; I'm used to it, really. In fact, as I write this, I'm feeling pressure -- not pain, yet, but since I plan to go to the gym shortly, I'd better take some aspirin so that the exercise doesn't make it worse.

Most of the time, if I have to push through it, I just do. But on weekends, especially those lazy Sundays, I just don't.

And it's weird. At moments where I don't have to push through, those lazy Sundays where I'm just reading a book or watching a DVD, I honestly can't tell if I have a mild headache, or if I'm just tired.

Sure, I can tell the difference if I really think about it.  But if I have a headache and/or am tired, I don't want to really think about it. I want water, aspirin, and a nap.

Have you got any physical quirks like that?
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