Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What fills your thoughts?

Here's another one of those questions to help us think about our passions:
What fills your thoughts in the quiet moments when you’re riding the train or lying in bed? What do you think about incessantly, what captures your imagination? Politics? Spirituality? Relationships?
Example of a 'typical' Mary Sue, with unusual ...
Example of a 'typical' Mary Sue, with unusual hair and eyes, a birthmark, detailed clothing, and a suggested mix of two species (human and fairy). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I guess we're back to the stories I'm either picking at or plan to write some day.  If I want to get out of my own head, I get into someone else's.  Yeah, you risk the whole Mary Sue thing, but that's what rewrites are for.

Let's play with some scenarios in my Being Human-meets-Clerks setup, since we're asked about politics, spirituality, and relationships. How about a vampire who still half-resents that he couldn't vote in a big election because he'd just died (and didn't live in Chicago, before you make the obvious joke)? How about a medium who was raised Catholic: can you reconcile ghosts with Purgatory? What counts as safer sex when you're a werewolf?

Go ahead and steal those ideas; I bet you'll come up with completely different answers than mine.

Now you go ahead and answer the question: what fills your thoughts?

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