Monday, April 1, 2013

Meta: Meet the blog roll

So who are those people over in my blog roll?  I try to limit them to people I've actually met in real life, who are blogging about things they're passionate about.  After all, that's the point of this blog!  I do encourage you to check them all out.

(And if you fit the above description, hit me up with a link.  I make no promises, but I'll check it out).

So, in the fairly arbitrary order of "Most recently posted as of when I wrote this," they are:

Sam at Converted Mets Fan, who writes about his deep love of the Mets.

Aaron at The Gin Is In, who writes about gin.

Chris at Christopher Cocca, where he writes about ministry and social justice.

Guy at Ruminating in the Desert, where he writes about writing and self-publishing.

Nica at Nica's Noshes, where she writes about desserts.

Matt at [sic], who writes about reading and writing.

Diana at The Blog Was Better, where she writes about books and library-related things.

Andy at Selections From the Scrolls of the PlatinumWarlock, where he writes about gaming.

Jeff at MovieHawk, who writes about movies and TV.

Note: This was updated 7/11/13 and will likely be updated again as time goes by.
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  1. Trade links? Of course, I'm not sure which blog of yours I ought to link to at this point--you have quite a few!


  2. Sure! This one is probably best, since I haven't updated the others in forever.