Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Review #21

Gulf Coast League Phillies
Gulf Coast League Phillies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's been another week.  Time continues to march on.

Over the weekend, Chris and I went to Philadelphia to visit with some of his law school roommates. One of them drove down to our place from Boston, and then Chris drove the rest of the way.  Due to assorted traffic-related circumstance, we didn't get to Philadelphia until 1:00 AM, so we pretty much went right to bed that night.

Saturday Chris and I had lunch with my parents for belated Father's Day, then we met back up with the law school folks for the Phillies game.  It was a great game, and I had a lot of fun.  After the game, we went for barbecue; the food was great but the service was not. We then took a walk and got some late-night cookies. Sunday, we drove home after breakfast.

Sunday evening, Chris and I planned to walk to the beer garden for dinner, but got distracted by a good Sunday special at a local raw bar we passed. We then wandered the neighborhood on the way home; it was a very nice evening and we should do it more often.

The week has been pretty quiet since.  Lots of big things going on in the news, but since I don't want to pick fights or get depressed, let's just smile on the good right now.
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