Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What makes you happy? #13

Sebaceous gland
Sebaceous gland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I've had acne -- at times, pretty bad acne -- since I was probably too young for it, and now that I'm probably too old for it? Still there.

So there's nothing like a good skin day. Sure, it'll flare back up tomorrow, but if, today, I only have to wear a little tinted moisturizer (which I would anyway -- that's my daily sunblock!), it's a small victory.

I haven't quite pinpointed what causes an especially good -- or especially bad -- skin day.  I know hormones are somewhat a factor. Hygiene, too, but there's such a fine line between under-maintaining and over-maintaining that I'm never sure, on a given day, what the actual problem is.

But that makes the good skin days all the better.  Surprise!
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