Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Worth the money?

A couple years ago, I happened upon the webcomic Digger, written and drawn by Ursula Vernon.

Since then, Digger has wrapped up its story and won a Hugo Award. It also just launched a Kickstarter to fund an omnibus edition.

I want an omnibus edition.

Digger is currently available in six volumes, which each cost about $15, plus shipping, so to get all six volumes would cost at least $90.

Funding the Kickstarter at the $45 level gets me a softcover copy of the omnibus.

$45 is a lot to pay for a softcover book, but it's still a bargain compared to getting the individual volumes.

The Kickstarter was fully funded within 24 hours, so the book will almost certainly be available by Christmas. It may end up costing less than $45, and I can ask for it as a holiday gift.

But funding the project now will contribute to making it a better product for everyone -- color pages, bonus stories, etc.

Chris and I both get occasional buyers' remorse -- even when we shouldn't, I could tell you stories -- but it happens often enough that I'm gun-shy over this sort of thing.

But the biggest argument I have against it is, "Is 'I want it' a good enough reason to spend that kind of money?"

So that's the question.

How do you decide which luxuries are worth the money?

Edited 1/22/14 to fix minor typos.
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