Thursday, June 20, 2013

48 Days: Ikigai – your reason for being

I don't know about you, but I'd sure like to live a long, healthy life.
People living on the islands of Okinawa and Sardinia are more likely to reach 100 years of age than people living anywhere on earth.  These people attribute their long lives not to healthy eating, leisure living, or great genes, but to a term they love to use — ikigai which in essence means “sense of purpose” or “a reason for being.” 
In December of 2012, Dan Miller wrote about this concept of ikigai. It goes deeper than just a sense of purpose -- if it was that simple, the English phrasing would suffice -- and it apparently has nothing to do with economic status.

Miller goes on to ask the reader what his/her ikigai is... but doesn't really offer any clues on how to figure it out. Too bad... if he had take it a step further, I'd invite you along to follow his process with me.

But I guess that's where his books come in.

Still, do you know what your ikigai is?
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