Thursday, June 27, 2013

Steve Pavlina: Is It Time for You to Stop Dabbling and Get Serious?

English: Swan on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal...
English: Swan on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Rodley, Leeds. Every canal should have waterbirds on it. Here is the most majestic, which has just come up from dabbling under the water. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well, I've made it past the 6-month mark, anyway:
So many would-be pro bloggers give up in their first 6 months. They get bored, lose interest, or get a “better” idea for some other venture. I see them change topics or URLs and start over once or twice a year. After five years of this kind of dabbling, they’ve still barely gotten anywhere. They keep erasing what little progress they’ve made, so they never have the chance to develop anything serious and enduring.
In December of 2012, Steve Pavlina posted to his blog about the importance of picking a path and sticking to it.  Giving up in the first 6 months doesn't pay off, he says; picking a topic or interest you believe you can stick for five years, or longer, and then doing so is the key.

It's a little embarrassing to admit that I've been struggling with the whole "adult identity" thing since college, considering how long ago that was and, by corollary, how long I've ostensibly been an adult (you can tell I'm embarrassed because I'm using SAT words). But it's a fact, and even if I ever figure it out, I'd like to think I'll still be interested in helping other people figure it out.

Then, there's committing to mastery. Not really sure what to do there.

Still, that's the thrust of it: commit to mastering something for the long-term if you want to profit from it.  Makes sense to me.

What do you think?

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