Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Review #9

Cover of "Beautiful Creatures"
Cover of Beautiful Creatures
A little bit less to report this week, since I reviewed on Sunday last week, but that's ok.

Sunday, after posting, I went to my writing workshop.  I'm feeling a little down on my writing, because I feel like dialogue is one of my strengths, and my current project isn't really lending itself to good dialogue -- even though that's exactly what it needs to move things along.  I'm kind of stumped.

I'm also still getting used to my new laptop.  It's tiny, which I love, but the images on screen are the same size as the images on my huge old laptop, which has a screen roughly twice the size of the new one.  And the normal ways of shrinking the display don't work.  I'll figure it out eventually, or else get use to it; it's just really  annoying in the meantime.

Tuesday was book club, where we ate barbecue, tried strange beer, and discussed number9dream by David Mitchell, which I just barely finished over the weekend.  Next up for book club? Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  So far, it's better than I expected... but my expectations were pretty low.

I attempted to attend Shut Up and Write on Wednesday, but apparently when the usual moderator isn't there, it's not well organized.  I still camped out in Starbucks and got some writing done, which is, in fact, the point.

Not much happening tonight, but I've got some unusual plans for the weekend that I'll tell you about later.  If I can just finish the throw rug I'm knitting, I'll be set.

How was your week?

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