Friday, March 29, 2013

HuffPost: What's Your Passion?

In August of 2012, Amy Spencer at the Huffington Post wrote an article about passion.  She starts by describing hers:
One evening, my husband, Gus, came home, saw me sitting in the dark, and said, "What's with the lights?" You see, that afternoon, I’d started editing the videos I'd taken over a weekend at the beach into a short movie I could upload for family and friends. And I’d gotten so engrossed in the project, I didn’t notice the sun had set and the only light in the house was the glow of the computer screen.
She then goes on to give examples of how to recognize your passion when you stumble upon it:

Find Your 'Flow'
Now, this I get, and I usually get the most flow when I'm writing in an old notebook.  Too bad notebook-writing has to be transcribed; writing on my laptop is more efficient, but I don't get the same groove.

Take A Look Back
That is, if you don't have anything now, how about when you were a kid?  I've mentioned before  that it's always been reading, writing, and crafts, so... yeah.

Think Small And Specific
This is almost an efficiency tip more that anything, but yeah: break your goals into small, doable action-items. Write one page. Knit one row. Run for ten minutes.  Then, do it again, or do the next thing.  It's hard to remember, but it can work.

These are pretty good tips.  How do they work for you?
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