Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Review #12

English: Two young male Suri alpacas
English: Two young male Suri alpacas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, I went to the basketball game last Friday, and the Hawks lost.  But! That same weekend, the Hawks Women's Basketball team won the A-10, and that deserves a shout-out!

A friend of ours stayed the weekend, which was fun, although a lot of our plans fell through over the course of the weekend because we were meeting up with various people who kept flaking. Sigh.

Saturday night, the three of us met up with some other friends and went bowling and then played some board games.  I didn't beat my all-time bowling high score of 100, but I did a lot better than I used to.

Monday, it was back to the gym.  Lifting is hard when you've taken time off, but at least I didn't have to decrease weight on anything. I'm hoping to lose two more pounds by my birthday -- that's less than a pound a week, which is ambitious but not super-ambitious. We weren't great about going to the gym this week otherwise, but at least we went to bed earlier than usual, which helped.

On Tuesday, we had book club at a comfort-food recipe, which was challenging since I had given up fried food for Lent. But I managed to have a great dinner anyway.

I finished Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis, and have started Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough.

I'm working on the alpaca scarf for my husband.  I'm really worried I didn't buy enough yarn, but we'll see what happens.  If he hates it, I'll keep it :) There will be other alpacas.
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