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The Simple Dollar: Never Eat Alone: Share Your Passions

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In 2009, Trent at The Simple Dollar wrote read-along of Never Eat Alone, and in September of that year, wrote a post on the eleventh and twelfth chapters of the book.

He, and Keith Ferrazzi, posit that one way to expand on your social circle, and thus network, is to focus on the things you're passionate about:

So what do you like to do? What do you identify with? From there, what sort of social structures are available along those lines? 
For me, my passions are reading, writing, my family, games, technology, and my faith. That means I look for writer’s circles, book clubs, other parents (and parenting groups), gaming groups, Tweetups, and other such meetings. I also look around for general community meetings that allow me to meet others in my community.

Do you do that?  I do, a bit. I'm in a book club and a writing workshop, and I try to go to a knitting meetup a couple times a month. The trivia league I participated in last year starts up again soon, and I might take part in a spelling bee the same bar[link] is hosting.  There's a few other things I'd love to try, as well, but there are only so many days in the week, and the laundry has to be done eventually!

So check out Trent's post, and let me know your thoughts.

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