Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What makes you happy #2

The flying P has been the Flyers' primary logo...
The flying P has been the Flyers' primary logo since the beginning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, prepping for Monday posts over the preceding weekend doesn't seem to work for me so well... but then again, neither did the Internet Sabbath experiment, so we might as well collapse the two failures together and start posting on Tuesdays instead of Mondays.  We'll see how that works.

Yesterday, Chris and I went to the Islanders-Flyers game.  I grew up in Philadelphia, he grew up on Long Island, our loyalties are pretty much what you'd expect.  Our household rule of sports is that each of us will root for the other's team... unless they play each other.*  Which, yesterday, they most certainly did.

I will concede that it was a terrible game.  I'm thrilled that we won, but no hockey game should end with a score of 7-0 (Yeah, I'm gonna brag about it, but it's still kinda sad).

But there's real joy in going to an away game and finding your people.

Not far away from where we were sitting, there were at least two separate groups of Flyers fans.  They were too far away to exchange high-fives, but we raised our beers to one another and smiled.

I've had this happen occasionally before; sometimes we get lucky with seats at Mets-Phillies games, too.

I'm not a sports fan as a rule, but sometimes it's nice to belong.

*Exceptions can be made if, for example, the Islanders losing would substantially increase the Flyers' playoff odds.
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