Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Socializing and conflicted feelings

As an introvert, it's not that I have a problem being outgoing, exactly.  I just don't necessarily realize when being outgoing is called for.

It probably wouldn't occur to you to ask me out for drinks, if we were coworkers. I'm engrossed in my work, or, if it's downtime, my reading, whether online or off. I enjoy a nice conversation, but if I'm itching to get back to work and meet a deadline, I'm not always the best at hiding it.

So while I might seem nice enough (I hope!), I probably don't seem fun enough.

And in some ways, that's a relief. I would go if you asked me, assuming I didn't already have plans.  In fact, I would go every time.

Even if it started to feel like an obligation, a lengthening of my workday.

You probably think it's great, a chance to blow off steam and be social.

I also think it's a chance to be social. But not necessarily to unwind.

I know all this, I accept it, and on good days I even embrace it.

But it sure would be nice to be included.

How about you?  Are you a steam-blower or a quiet unwinder?
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