Thursday, February 14, 2013

ProBlogger: Find Yourself … and Find Your Niche

Ricky Gervais at the 2007 BAFTAs
Ricky Gervais at the 2007 BAFTAs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In November of 2012, ProBlogger featured a guest post by Kid In The Front Row, about finding your niche.

The Kid started with an anecdote:
I once watched an interview with Ricky Gervais, where he talked about how a lot of people don’t like his stand up comedy. He said he didn’t care. All he needs is 5,000 people in each town to fill a theater, and then he’s set. Whether the rest of the population like him or not is irrelevant.
It’s the same with your blog.
The best way to find your niche in blogging, s/he reasons, is to write.  You'll find what you're passionate about as you do, and then become an expert in whatever that passion happens to be.

I like this approach.  The gradual, meandering, guess-and-check method might not be super-efficient, but it's low pressure and has the potential to be a lot of fun.

Check it out, and keep it in mind.

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