Monday, December 14, 2015

I Don't Know What I Want... Chapter 12, Part 4

I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This 

By Julie Jansen 

 Chapter 12: Job Search -- the Nuts and Bolts

Your Job Search: You Must Make Decisions and Take Action
If you feel stuck, make the decision or take the action anyway; it's the best way to get unstuck.

...Yeah, because it's totally that easy.

But it helps to understand our motivations. Why are you doing this or that?

10/1/15: Three Good Things
  1. I have a Fitbit! I was paying a credit card I only still have because it's my oldest (as soon as my credit history allows, I'm closing it) , and saw that I have a ridiculous number of points.  Now, the points are only good in the offiial "store" -- I can't get cash back or miles or really much of anything.  I think I got a CD once, and by that I mean a Compact Disk, not a Certificate of Deposit (although, given the current interest rates, one's about a useful as the other...).  Anyway! Seeing my ridiculous amount of points, I thought I'd skim the "store" and see what thy had -- and they had some fairly high-end fitness trackers.  A little research later, and I have a Fitbit Charge HR.  This didn't happen today, but I just happened to find it useful today, so I thought I'd mention it. This happened because I managed to combine two whims (get a fitness bracelet; check out my rewards points) into something useful.
  2. It's raining! Again, this didn't start today, but it's just so nice.  It's cool, and it's sucking the humidity out of the air, and it's just a pleasant fall rainstorm. I'm trying not to be pessimistic and think about how this is probably the first salvo of a hurricane (you'll know the result of that before this goes live), so let's just enjoy it while it's good.
  3. Tea. I'm just enjoying a nice pot of tea.  I bought some tea, but not a tin for it, so I'm trying to finish off a tin that's nearly empty so I can reuse it. Also, I just like tea.

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