Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pocket Muse #5

I skipped a few more: one a piece of general advice, another about a specific writing project. Here's the next prompt:
Use the following verbs any way you wish: racket, snug, green, spoon, boggle, snake. They're not all verbs, you say? [...] Verbs are sometimes a matter of opinion. 
Cover of "The Pocket Muse"
Cover of The Pocket Muse

  •  I knew he was home when I heard him racketing up the stairs. In fact, everyone in the building knew he was home.
  • It's a good day to snug up with a cup of tea and a mindless book.
  • The new house needs to be greened. What kind of potted plants do you recommend?
  • He boggled at me when I told him my big news. "Where, exactly, did you get the baby stegosaurus?" he finally asked.
  • I looked up from my book and tea to watch the baby dinosaur snake through the houseplants.

Sounds like the beginning of a cozy domestic drama, doesn't it? If you want me to write it, I'll need help brainstorming in the comments -- Plot is not my strongest thing!

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