Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Makes You Happy? #58

For our anniversary back in September, Chris and I spent the day in Woodstock, NY.  Now, yes, a lot of the residents sure seemed like they came out for the concert and never went home.  But that's fun, too.

picture of a wrapped present
picture of a wrapped present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What was really satisfying was that we started our Christmas shopping.  Yes, it was technically too early, but as we wandered the strange little shops, small items kept jumping out at me.  Person A would love this! they'd say.  Person B would love that.  Sometimes I'd make a note.  Other times, I'd make a purchase.

Heck. It spreads out the costs so our credit card doesn't take a hit come December.  That alone makes me a little happier.

Not to rush you, but do you have any fun holiday plans yet?  

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