Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Mega-Review #57

Sorry I missed last week.

Kaaterskill Falls Sign in Palenville, Greene C...
Kaaterskill Falls Sign in Palenville, Greene County, New York. In the Catskill mountains, it is New York's highest waterfall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So two weekends ago, Chris and I celebrated our anniversary, which was fun. We went to Round Top, NY, which is pretty much just resorts and B&Bs -- the B&B we stayed at was amazing, and it wasn't terribly far from Woodstock, Kingston, and Saugerties... which are all nice places to walk around for a day.  Friday we hiked at Kaaterskill Falls; Saturday, we wandered around Woodstock and then hit a brewery in Kingston before having a nice dinner; Sunday we checked out the Falling Waters Preserve and Opus 40 before coming home.

I then had some volunteering on Monday, but that worked out because it was a teleconference; Wednesday was my writing workshop. Friday we were supposed to go to a Mets game, but it was rained out, so we went out for drinks with friends instead.  Saturday through Sunday we were in Philadelphia to celebrate my dad's birthday.

Sunday night we went back to Astoria to have dinner at a bar we used to like when we lived there.

Thursday, I went to a Muppet Vault event that was part of New York Super Week.

In knitting, I finished my winter scarf plus another scarf, and started redoing a scarf for Chris.

In reading, I picked at Bulfinch's Mythology, Civil War, and The How of Happiness, and finished The Fifth Season.

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