Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life Reimagined: Reimagine Your Career, Part 2

So last time we looked at this exercise, we figured out where my interests lie.  This time, we're imaging the possibilities.

We start with a brainstorm journal.  I kind of hate these; I'm not sure why.  But I jotted down some things I enjoy.

Next, I have to... huh.  Show my profile to a friend and have them come up with some ideas of types of work (not jobs, work) I might enjoy.

Well, folks, you know me decently well if you've been reading all along (especially since most of you are only reading this because you know me, let's be real...) and you got a good sense of my profile last time.

Throw some ideas at me in the comments (or on Facebook, if you're on a mobile device; you probably got here from Facebook anyway...).

Updated 3/29/16 to fix links, typos.

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