Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Mega-Review #58

OK, another round with two weeks' worth.
Mo sleeps under his bed.  Photo by me.

Frankly, last week was kind of aggravating.  Two weeks prior to today, nothing much happened. That Saturday, we ran a bunch of errands, including a dentist appointment.  That night, we checked out a place that had been on Bar Rescue, but between their Oktoberfest event and some major sporting events, it wasn't that much fun for me.  We ended the evening at a more reliable watering hole.

Two things about that weekend.  First, I was supposed to be volunteering for the church rummage sale, but the head of the event never got back to me, so I kept that weekend free for nothing.  That pisses me off.

Second, we dog-sat Mo, my in-laws' dog.  That was kind of fun, but he sulked the whole time.

Monday, we took him to the park.  He refused to go near the dog run; he almost killed a chipmunk; he did a mean bait-and-switch thing where he went up to be friendly with a guy, and then when the guy responded, got all mean and barky.

He was so happy when Chris's parents came to pick him up on Tuesday.

Tuesday night was book club, which was nice, as usual.

Thursday was a rough day for no good reason.  Just one of those bad days where no one thing is really a dealbreaker, but all the things added up just grind you down.

Still, I was prepared to Friday to be a better day.  Until I got up, walked barefoot into the bathroom, and opened the medicine cabinet, only for a bottle of cologne (of unknown origin, I might add) to fall off the shelf and onto my foot before shattering. Again: I was barefoot.

After one or two similarly aggravating events, I basically gave up and declared Friday over.  Which is why I did not post last week.

Saturday was better. Despite a late start and some bad traffic, we made it to the Oyster Bay Oyster Festival.  It's definitely a better time in nicer weather, but it was still fun. We ate some amazingly fresh raw oysters (plus creamy seafood soups -- clam chowder for him, lobster bisque for me -- and some steamed clams), wandered the arts tent, saw the alpacas and the World's Largest Rubber Duck, then, on the way back to the car, hit up the Oyster Bay Brewing Company for a beer. Afterwards, we stopped briefly at the mall, before meeting up with some of Chris's friends to watch the Mets and/or Islanders.

Sunday we got together to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday.

This week has been pretty unremarkable since then, except I made an awesome Chicken Parm casserole. Here's the recipe, and here's the jingle that's been stuck in my head ever since.  You're welcome.

In knitting, I've still been chipping away at the scarf for Chris.

In reading, I finished The Fifth Season and Civil War, and got about two-thirds of the way through Howl's Moving Castle.

Have your weeks been better than mine?

Updated 3/31/16 for assorted typos.

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