Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Newsflash: I like comfort more than failure

I was kind of surprised, looking at my stats, how popular this post from a few weeks ago has remained. So while I'm not sure I want to bleed all over the screen again, let's look at another question from this post
English: Osram 4.5W LED light bulb
English: Osram 4.5W LED light bulb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What kinds of projects and jobs at work and at home do you get excited about? What kinds do you dread?
Yep, nothing like dwelling on things you dread to put you in a good mood, am I right?

Well, let's look at my to-do list.  What am I excited about?
  • Buy asparagus. There's a really good sale and I like asparagus, OK?
  •  Photograph my knitting.  I finished a few things and I'd like to show them off.
  • Read my book club book.  It's a good book.
  • Get winter clothes from the garage. As much as I hate to put the summer clothes away, I'm starting to want more sweaters to choose from than the small pile I held out.
None of that is especially exciting, and I don't see much of a common theme.  Maybe... coziness? Eat a nice dinner, then snuggle up in a warm sweater and knit and read?  Yeah, that sounds nice.

So what do I dread?
  • Exercise. Yes, it's a chore.
  • Poke at my resume. I'm aware that the entire point is to brag, OK? I'm just not comfortable doing so.
  • Deal with the basement light bulbs. That's just going to be a hassle.  I'll have to drag the stepladder down to the basement, then get up on it (fearing falling the whole time) and pull out an old bulb, then research the LED equivalent, then hunt down the gift card to the big-box hardware store, then go to the hardware store, find the light bulb aisle, find the appropriate bulbs, drag them home, get back up on the stepladder (worrying about falling again), and replace the bulbs.  I am looking forward to the basement being properly lit, though, I have to say.
  • Format my murder mystery.  I'm just befuddled as to where to start.
 Common theme? Ha.  "Stuff I'm bad at", I guess.

So, I'm excited about things that make me comfortable, and I dread things I suck at.

Sounds pretty unremarkable.

How about you?

Three good things, 10/21/15
  1. It's the future! OK, I'm not a huge Back to the Future Fan -- and I really do think the second one is the weakest of the trilogy -- but I can just sit here and name things that prove it's the future: the smartphone in my pocket. The big flatscreen TV on my wall, hooked up to a DVR and multiple video game consoles. The crowdfunded omnibus edition of the Hugo-winning webcomic on my bookshelf. The fact that I don't want to go to the hardware store, mentioned above, in part because I could just order the light bulbs online and have them sent to me. And that's just off the top of my head.
    1. An I'm a little surprise hipsters haven't adopted the "future" fashion in the movie, to be honest. But I guess it's hard to flip out the pockets of skinny jeans.
  2. Like I said above, asparagus is on sale! 
  3. It's going to get warm today. I love autumn, but I sure hate that it turns into winter.  Warm October days hit the sweet spot.

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