Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Science of Happiness: We're Built to Connect.

10/15/2015: The Biology of Social Connection

List of images in Gray's Anatomy: IX. Neurology
List of images in Gray's Anatomy: IX. Neurology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 So, a new section, beginning with a video about the biology of our social natures.  You know how there's some evidence that people with mild depression, ADHD, or Autism were vital members of hunter-gatherer societies? I wonder if the same can be said about introversion.  Because all I'm hearing so far is "All social! All the time! Be social to be happy!" and it makes me want to hide under the covers with a book.

So we look at the Vagus nerve, which is tied to social connection. It's actually pretty interesting; it ties to communication, to mood, to our immune systems, to our posture... I mean, you could argue that the brain or spine do the same thing, but still, it's pretty interesting, and I would explain it so badly, so go look at the Wikipedia page.

Next, we look at oxytocin (which my spellcheck insists should read Oxycontin.  Thanks, Chrome). Oxytocin makes us more generous, more trusting, more empathetic, and less stressed out.

Good stuff.  Next up is another article, so that'll wait til another day.

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