Monday, October 19, 2015

The Science of Happiness: Scratch a Happy Adult, Find a Socially Connected Childhood

10/1/15: The Importance of Childhood Social Connections

Kids playing in a lake at a church camp
Kids playing in a lake at a church camp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So this course reading was originally posted to Greater Good  by Lauren Klein in December 2013. Go ahead and read it and we'll talk in a moment.

Ah, happier adults are the ones who had more friends in school, not better grades.  OK, sp please stop lying to the nerds when you tell them that someday they'll be better off than the popular kids; science has disproven it.

Basically, all the kids I never fit in with are the ones who are happier than me now, just like they were then.  Well, that's just wonderful.  Thank you for teaching me how to avoid screwing up my hypothetical future children.

Now what do I do about it for myself?  Or is it too late?

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