Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Science of Happiness: What's Joy Got to Do with It?

9/24/15: What's Joy Got to Do with It?

Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market. c...
Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market. circa 2007, USA, California, Long Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just because happiness is about more than just feeling good doesn't;t mean that feeling good has nothing to do with it. We start this section with a video to that effect.  Happiness opens your mind; happy people are less racist, better negotiators, and more creative problem-solvers.

Another video: our bodies and minds are constantly changing, and a steady infusion of positive emotions (compared metaphorically to a steady infusion of fruits and vegetables to out diets) will make us healthier and more resilient, both physically and emotionally.

Up next is another reading, which we'll look at another day.

Three good things: 9/24/15

  • Had a conversation about end-of-life issues with my mom. This made me feel respected as an adult. It happened fairly organically as we discussed related issues (upcoming holidays; my dad's retirement plans; someone I went to high school with passing away; etc). I suppose it also happened because I am a mature enough adult to handle it, and I've seen the shitstorm that occurs when it's not handled.
  • I finished reading my friend's book.  This made me feel very pleased for him, and impressed by him.  This happened because my friend had a freaking book published. Some people in the local literary community were kind of... less than congratulatory about it, but that's foolish at best: I have another literary connection, and they burned a bridge. I suppose it also happened because I can celebrate my friends' accomplishments without looking at them as a zero-sum game.
  • ConEd is finally here! In the moment, it's actually pretty annoying, but it's work that's far overdue, and that was necessary before we can get some electrical work done on the house (we need more outlets!), which in turn has to be done before the next round of painting. I'm dreading the new projects and their expenses, but I'm looking forward to the end results.  This happened because Chris and I were not going to let it not happen; the electrical work was a potential dealbreaker when we bought the house.

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