Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday review #17

Cover of "Fast Food Nation"
Cover of Fast Food Nation
So what have you been up to?

Last Friday, Chris and I decided to take it easy, so we took a walk to Il Bambino and got some really great panini. It's kind of ridiculous how cold it was that night when you consider how hot it is today. Every year, people joke about how we only got like a week of spring; they seem to forget that those jokes get made every year.

Saturday, after stopping by the eye doctors' for some adjustments to our respective glasses, Chris and I went out to the outlets. We stopped halfway through to get a late lunch out in wine country, and tried to do a tasting, but most of the wineries were closing up for the evening by the time we got there, so we split a glass of wine on an enclosed, heated porch before heading back to finish our shopping.  Biggest downside?  The Totes store isn't there anymore, so we couldn't buy the new umbrella we need.  Oh, well.

On the way home, we stopped at John Harvard's, where we had a light dinner -- sadly, they didn't have my beloved lobster bisque on the menu -- and then went home, where we watched about half of Inception before temporarily walking away to prevent brain breakage.

Saturday I watched part of John Adams  on DVD while Chris went to a Yankees game, and Monday we just kind of stayed in, took it easy, went to the gym, etc.

After a weekend like that, it's been a pretty quiet week, except on Thursday, when I went to see Dan Savage speak at Bryant Park. That was a lot of fun. Then, today, knitting group.

I'm reading Savage's latest, American Savage, which I bought and got signed on Thursday, and I'm still working on Washington: A Life and Fast Food Nation. Knitting is going well; I'm focusing mostly on a baby blanket for some friends right now.

And that's about it for this week!
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