Monday, October 12, 2015

The Science of Happiness: A Better Way to Pursue Happiness

9/23/15: A Better Way to Pursue Happiness

Canis lupus baileyi running
Canis lupus baileyi running (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Another course reading for The Science of Happiness. Lahnna Catalino posted this article to the Great Good website just last this July. Go ahead and read it, and we'll discuss in a few minutes. 

Research suggests that people who strive to feel happy all of the time may suffer disappointment, and people who pursue happiness as if it were the only thing that matters may, ironically, chase happiness away.  

So instead, we should pick out the everyday things that bring us happiness, joy, contentment, etc., and work on integrating them into our everyday lives. If you love running, winning a medal may not bring you as much happiness, overall and long-term, as going for a long run once a week with your best friend (note: I hate running).

I guess this is how the Three Good Things exercise comes into play (I already did this exercise in a post I wrote earlier today). Not everything is going to be a small, everyday occurrence, but plenty will be.

What were your thoughts on the article?

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