Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Review #55

Another busy week gone by.

Last weekend, Chris and I went up to Boston to meet up with several of his law school roommates. That was a good time; we saw the renovated law building, got lunch at  a grill we all like, and then went to Salem for the afternoon.

Sunday, almost immediately after getting back to New York, I set off for Brooklyn to see a Muppet Vault event while Chris headed for Long Island to watch the Giants opening game with friends.

Wednesday was book club, which (as is becoming more and more typical) involved barbecue.

Thursday I spent most of in the garden, planting bulbs for next spring, as well as chrysanthemums:

Photo by me.

...OK, I'm pretty sure the blue ones are asters, not mums, but they're cared for pretty much the same way, so who cares?

Which brings us to today.  This is the first weekend in a while we've been home, and we have big plans for most of the next month or two, so while I'll keep you posted next time, of course, look for this weekend to be low-key.  Thank goodness.

I actually did some knitting, though! I finished the hat I was working on, got some more length on the scarf, and picked at a different scarf when I didn't have the right materials at hand for the primary one,  one day.

Reading!  My primary reading was Glasshouse, for book club, but I also managed to finish The Compassionate Instinct and put some solid headway into Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival (full disclosure: a good friend of ours wrote it, but he's a legitimate expert on the topicand you should check it out if you have any interest).

I think that's pretty much all I've been up to this week.  How about you?

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