Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What makes you happy? #24

comfy bed!
comfy bed! (Photo credit: marissa)
I love going away. I love seeing new things and trying great foods and, I admit, shopping.

There are things I don't love as much.  I almost always overdo it and end up with painful blisters. And eating well and eating right aren't always the same thing, which can catch up with you after a week or so. And east to west jet lag rarely bothers me, so long as I'm allowed to eat more or less on schedule, but west to east is a killer.

But for all the good and all the bad, there is one thing that never fails to make me happy when I get home.

I love my bed.

It was the first major purchase Chris and I made after we were married, and the only one we were really worried about when we moved to New York a couple months later.  We probably overpaid, in retrospect -- we're both terrible bargainers, and the salesguy took our offer way too easily -- but it's been worth every penny.

As well rested as I am after a vacation -- which is less than you might think, since we tend to start early and stop late (hence the overdoing) -- my first night back, in my own bed, on my own sheets, is a wonderful welcome home.
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