Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Participation trophies

Trophies for everyone!
Trophies for everyone! (Photo credit: n0mkj)
I'm at the older end of the Millennial generation.

Apparently, this means that I'm an entitled brat and participation trophies have ruined my sense of reality.

On Sunday, I ran the 5th Avenue Mile, the first race I've ever done -- and probably the last for a while, since I have yet to successfully run 5 consecutive K.

All the while, people on the sidelines were going, "Whoo! Good job! You're almost there!"

It's a 1-mile. I was "almost there" the second I crossed the starting line.

And while I wasn't actually the slowest one out there, I was pretty far down there.  Go ahead, ask anyone who runs seriously what they think of a 10:50 mile as a personal best.

And it's not that I don't appreciate support and encouragement. It's just that I haven't exactly earned praise yet.

"Hey, at least you did it! You're only competing against yourself anyway, right?"

Isn't "Hey, at least you did it!" what they print on participation trophies?

You know, the ones that apparently destroyed my generation?

Where do you think the line is?

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