Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What makes you happy? #23

7.9.2008 Feist @ Prospect Park
7.9.2008 Feist @ Prospect Park (Photo credit: islandlife)
It starts when you -- or your co-attendee -- finds the ad for the concert. Multiple bands, all of which you enjoy, some of which you love. You agree to buy tickets.

The day comes. The weather could not be better. You get in line early, so when the gates open, you find an excellent spot on the hill to spread out your blanket. You settle in with some amazing food from the concessions stand and a round of shockingly-reasonably-priced beer.

The first band plays as the sun begins to set.  By some small miracle, the bugs are not biting tonight. The second band starts as the sun is almost down, and the crowd begins to get wound up. There is singing.  There is dancing.

You look around and realize almost everyone in the crowd is your age.  This never happens.  It's sort of surreal. And for once, you're even dressed appropriately.

The different bands make guest appearances in each others' acts. They do songs with audience participation.

The third act comes on, and they're the headliners. You have almost every song they play memorized -- another thing that never happens -- and the one you don't know, you love, and make a note to look up when you get home.

You lean back on your blanket, take it all in, and just smile.

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