Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Review #22

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Over the weekend, we were supposed to host a friend, but plans changed at the last minute.  So Friday, we just relaxed, made pasta and stayed in to watch Game of Thrones.

Saturday, Chris, along with several of our friends (including @aaronknoll and @jmac82) ran the Pride Run in Central Park. That was awesome.  After a nap, we went out for dinner, drinks, and karaoke.

Sunday I had lunch with another, completely unrelated friend, while Chris went out with yet another friend.

Tuesday was cool. I needed to get my NYPL library card renewed, so while I was there, I saw their exhibits on the Declaration of Independence and Children's Literature (two separate exhibits, although now I kind of want to see the one where they go together). Book club Tuesday night, and we discussed Wool by Hugh Howey. Very intense debate -- some loved the book deeply, others were far less impressed.

Thursday, we celebrated the 4th by going hiking with friends in the Hudson Valley, then getting lunch in a nearby small town. It was a lovely day.

Today, Chris had to run an errand in Brooklyn, so we decided to check out Six Point brewery while we were there.  It was not clear whether they were even open, but right around the corner we saw a sign pointing to distillery and chocolate factory tours. Cacao Prieto is the home of Widow Jane whiskey, among others.

I finished reading Fast Food Nation; I just have to get through the endnotes and I'll be able to borrow a new book through Amazon Prime. I've started the Demon Princes series by Jack Vance for book club.  And I'm still chipping away at Washington: A Life .

The deadline for the baby shower blanket  is bearing down, so I'm working on that.  I've started my Temperature Scarf, which uses colors to track the high and low temperatures very day of the year I'm 30.

So how's your week been? Americans, do anything interesting on the 4th?
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