Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Review #23

Jack Vance playing the jazz banjo and kazoo in...
Jack Vance playing the jazz banjo and kazoo in 1979 in San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So when we last left off last Friday, Chris and I had stumbled upon a distillery/chocolate factory.

That evening, since we hadn't gotten to go to the brewery, we went to a different one, Singlecut Beersmiths in Astoria. The beer was pretty good, and we had some amazing cheese spread.

Then, we went into town for dinner and drinks with a friend.

Saturday, we had decided we wanted to check out a restaurant owned by a chef whom Chris had watched win Top Chef several years ago, so we emailed the members of our book club, effectively saying, "Look, we're going either way, who wants to join us?"  Four of us got an amazing dinner, then met up with two more for very nice drinks.

Sunday was a quiet day; we bought a roast and cooked in on our rotisserie, along with fresh corn on the cob.

Since then, the week, has been very quiet.  We have some interesting plans for the weekend, but you'll hear about those next week.

I did finish the blanket I knit.  I'm still working on Jack Vance's Demon Princes -- it's a slow read. Barely touched any of the other books I'm working on.

Since most of the TV shows I watch are on hiatus, my background noise has been provided by DVDs.  I finished off season 1 of The West Wing, and am now working on season 1 of Lost.

Has your week been as quiet as mine?
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