Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What makes you happy? #17

English: A very happy Beagle Puppy!!!!! ; Othe...
English: A very happy Beagle Puppy!!!!! ; Other versions thumb|left (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Chris and I have an ongoing debate:

Which of us squees more when we see a puppy?

There are a lot of dogs in our neighborhood, some of which we see regularly. My parents have a dog, as do his. With certain exceptions, we are not cat people.

When circumstances allow, we'd like a dog, but our apartment is no-pets, and that's fine for now.

If you're a dog person, there's not much better than a squiggly puppy that wants to play and cuddle and just sit there, being adorable. Lookit that tail!!!!! (Not having to pick up the poop helps, not gonna lie.)

Want a fix? Check out The Daily Puppy. It's not the same, but still: Puppies!
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