Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday, make that Saturday, mega-review #24

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail
Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It has been a long couple of weeks, sorry I didn't update last week.

Two Fridays ago, Chris went out with some friends, so I had a nice quiet night to myself. I went to a panini place I like  and then stopped at a cocktail bar I like for a chocolatey cocktail for dessert.  I chatted with a neighbor.  It was nice.


Saturday was long.

We started with a dentist appointment. So, there's that.

From there, I went to a baby shower.  It was just the thing for an exuberant Long Island extrovert.  I, as you'll recall, am none of those things. It was lovely for what it was, just not my scene.

After that, we visited some friends for drinks.  That was a lot of fun. We played BANG!. I died three times in the same game.

We got home pretty late -- in terms of hours awake, it had already been a long day by that point.

I don't want to go into details here. Let's just say I found out first-hand that there's a serial groper in my neighborhood.

I'm physically fine, but still a little shaken.

Sunday was largely spent trying to convince the cops to take me seriously, despite the fact that I didn't do 100% exactly what they think I should have done while freaked out during a crisis scenario. In the end, I decided, screw it; I need to take care of myself. That was my focus for the rest of Sunday.

I missed my writing workshop as a result.

Monday was pretty normal.  Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment that took up most of the day for no real reason. Everything's fine. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty blah.

Last Friday, I had lunch with a friend, and then Chris and I got a nice dinner.

Saturday was back to the dentist for Chris, and then lunch and errands. Chris went to bed early, while I met up with friends for drinks and games. My cab home cost more than my drinks for the night.

Sunday, Chris ran in the Queens 10K, and then we met up with friends who also ran, and got brunch.

Tuesday was supposed to be book club, but there was something of a comedy of errors, so that got pushed off.

Wednesday I found out the next baby shower I'm going to is really really soon, so I started on a second blanket in earnest.

Thursday, I took a free online knitting course, where I won a three-month membership to Yarncraft Academy. Exciting!

Friday was quiet, and now I'm posting this.

My reading, less so: Demon Princes is a slog, but I've made it through the minimum needed for book club.

Next week is going to be busy, but I don't want to get into my plans until they happen.

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