Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rick Steves - Blog Gone Europe: Why I Write

English: Group of American tourists encounter ...
English: Group of American tourists encounter Rick Steves in the streets of Italy, all there due in part to his travel programs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In March of 2001, travel writer Rick Steves posted to his blog an essay on why he writes.

Many writers post similar essays, and they tend to list reasons the way Steves does, but in the end, the reader (at least, when I am the reader) gets the impression that the real answer is "I write because I have to."

There's a bit of that in me, too, although I sometimes find it hard to fight off inertia and get started.

Still, I like the idea that Steves thinks of writing as a way to amplify his voice.  His passion seems to be traveling, and helping others travel, well. If he can amplify his voice to serve that passion, good for him.

For what it's worth, I love his guide books.

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