Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Review #4

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My husband and I had friends staying with us from out of town while they attended a wedding, which meant we had a lovely dinner and two very nice lunches with them; while they were at the wedding, we went to a whiskey-tasting and game night, a combination that, at least on my part, may have been ill-advised. Sunday, another friend from out of town, and a mutual friend of our primary guests, came up to join us all for lunch. I really needed my day off Monday for introversion recovery.

Somehow, we also managed to make it to the gym on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.

Tuesday I attended a workshop on careers for Generation Y (of which I am a part, though I prefer the term "Millennial"). That's bound to inspire some upcoming essays.  If you're curious, the full title was: "Is this my right career? How to articulate your value proposition and definite your ideal career path," and was presented by Allison Cheston, Career Advisor.  She's great; look her up.

John Adams by David McCullough has been my primary reading material this week.  I really should write about him sometime. Adams, I mean... although, now that I think about it, writing about McCullough could be interesting, too.

The, ahem, ill-advised parts of whiskey-tasting-night are poking some of my buttons. I know I should say, [bleep] happens, be smarter next time -- and I intend to -- but there's a part of me that insists "everyone's going to hate me now!" My husband assuring me that it's not true isn't as comforting as it probably should be -- after all, he's not any more psychic than I am.

I got a bit of knitting on my swap project done. This is my first time using double-pointed needles, and it's a lot easier than I thought it would be. Not sure I'm quite ready to make socks yet, though!
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