Saturday, January 5, 2013

Friday Review #1

Happy new year
Happy new year (Photo credit: Amodiovalerio Verde)
Man, my first week of posting and I'm already a day behind on my Friday review post.

I do have a pretty good reason, although it's not an excuse: I'm getting over a cold, and yesterday after work I just came home and fell asleep.

But you don't care about that!

So, let's look at this past week:

My husband and I had the first unplanned weekend since well before Thanksgiving. I bought a suit.  We went bowling.  It was great.

We went to a suitably rocking New Year's Eve party. Yay for being social.

My phone died.  I've been stalking eBay for a reasonably priced refurbished model.

I have been fighting the aforementioned cold, so I haven't been going to the gym.  I haven't weighed myself this week, but I don't have a great feeling about that -- my appetite was unaffected.

I'm almost done my next book for book club, acquired the next book club book, got an unrelated book off my to-be-read shelf and onto my nonfiction shelf where it belongs, and just barely managed to download December's free Amazon Prime book rental on New Year's Eve.

And after taking a week off of knitting (Christmas gifts stressed me out a bit), I jumped back in. I'm making good progress on a scarf, and I sat down and hammered out a nice chunk of a throw rug I'm working on.

So I think that's about it.  What's been going on with you?
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