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HuffPost: How Do I Find My Passion?

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In July of 2009, Christine Hassler wrote an advice column for the Huffington Post in which she answered the following question:
Dear Christine, 
The career advice I have always heard is, "Do something you love and you will be successful." My problem is that I am 26 years old and I have a job that is okay but I don't love it. Everyone tells me to find something I am passionate about but there must be something wrong with me because I have no clue what that is. How do I find my passion? 
Passionless, Alabama
Christine answers by effectively saying, no, it's not that simple. She gives kind reassurances and fair warnings, and finally gets to the meat of the advice on how to find one's passion:
So relax. Enjoy where you are. There is nothing wrong with you and you are not a passionless person. I know there are things in your life that you love and that you love doing. Focus on those rather than obsessing about what you think you are missing. Look for new experiences to embark on, new people to meet, and new challenges to explore. Notice how you feel and what you are thinking when you do certain things. Remember, discovering your passion is an self-instigated exploratory process - there is no manual. Allow yourself some time and be open to the possibility that your passion will find you rather than you having to find it.
Let me spin that out for you in list form:

  • Relax
  • Enjoy where you are
  • Focus on the things you love/love doing
  • Look for new experiences/people/challenges
  • Notice your feelings and thoughts
  • Be patient with yourself
Sounds like we're already on track with this project here.

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