Monday, January 21, 2013

I Don't Know What I Want... Chapter 1

 I Don't Know What I Want, but I Know It's Not This

 By Julie Jansen

Part 1: Where Are You Now?
Chapter 1: Why Do You Want or Need to Change Your Work?

Jansen jumps in by pointing out that burnout is not caused by hard work, but by meaningless work; that is, work that has no meaning, personally, to the worker. Other factors toward dissatisfaction she cites include age discrimination, incompatible work cultures, difficulty with work-life balance, and general discontent and a feeling of "stuckness".

Jansen concludes the chapter by reminding the reader that the point of this book is to find work that won't burn you out.

The Takeaway

Without getting into details because I like having a job, it's food for thought.

The Challenge!

Since last time, I journaled about my personal work history, and discovered a few patterns of my own.  One of them makes sense when you recall that I'm an introvert: I don't exactly hate working with customers per se, but doing it all day is so emotionally exhausting that I don't feel good about myself on days that don't go smoothly. 

For next week, I'm going to consider jobs I've had and what led me to this kind of exhaustion. While not job is perfect, I can think of the ones that were better or worse, and introversion is definitely part of the pattern.  Worth thinking about this week.

If you're following along, do the same and discuss it in the comments.

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