Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What makes you happy? #22

English: Lag BaOmer bonfire
English: Lag BaOmer bonfire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I've mentioned before that I do not like camping.

But I love bonfires.

It's sundown, after a long, tiring day. Maybe you're hungry with a big batch of sausages or corn on the cob waiting to be cooked over the fire. Maybe you've grilled burgers already and you're feeling nicely satisfied.

Either way, there's a big bag of marshmallows ready to be scorched. Frankly, it's the only way I like marshmallows. I won't say no to whittling long, green sticks, either, but kebab skewers will work.

It's just starting to get chilly, so you throw a lightweight jacket or sweater over your t-shirt, but if the fire really gets going, you'll discard it at some point.

Of course, you make sure you have a proper fire circle and a big bucket of water ready to go.

You stack your fuel logs in a nice log cabin, then prop the kindling up around it. Fill the middle with tinder.  You'll have extras of all three handy -- but outside the fire ring, of course, ideally right with the water just in case -- so you can feed the fire as needed.

You light the tinder, and --  fingers crosses -- it goes up. By this point, it's dark out.

Get the right group together, there's music, and ghost stories. You cook things, whether it's meat or just sugar. You wind down, and just stare into the flames.

You don't want to douse the fire.  And not only because you're too tired to soak, stir, and soak again.

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