Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Introvert and Extrovert: A play in two scenes

This is a conversation that happened, with some details changed for anonymity.

Introvert: Oh! Hello!
Extrovert: Hello! Oh, how was your birthday?
Introvert: It was lovely, thanks.  We went to this great restaurant, and the waiters were so funny!
Extrovert: Oh... That's nice. Well, there's someone else I have to speak to. You take care!
Introvert: Um... thanks. You too.
[Both roll their eyes at one another as they walk away]
So the more I learn about what it means to be an introvert, the more I'm starting to get extroverts, too.  Which is nice. So here is my translation of the above conversation (Extroverts, if I'm misinterpreting, let me know):
Introvert: I recognize you and acknowledge your existence! I won't feel bad if you keep walking!
Extrovert: I acknowledge you in kind, and since small talk is energizing, I am asking you a pointless-but-kind question.
Introvert: I interpret your question as you genuinely caring about my life. I am touched, and conclude that you will enjoy this amusing anecdote.
Extrovert: I am dismayed that you did not follow the usual script, and am bored by your story. I will politely extract myself and try again with someone else.
Introvert: I am hurt that you claimed to care when you did not, and annoyed that you wasted my social energy and both our time.
[Both roll their eyes at one another as they walk away]
Have you had this conversation -- from either side? Does this make any sense of the other person?

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