Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What makes you happy? #37

A plan. And, ideally, a backup plan.

Cover of "The Back-Up Plan"
Cover of The Back-Up Plan
Look, I'm a pessimist.  Fine.

But all too often, when there's no plan, when "We'll figure it out then," we end up sitting on our asses, eating takeout and watching TV. And sometimes that's wonderful; I've had nights in when I've ordered good pizza and watched some fun shows. Sometimes, that's what you need.

But sometimes, that's just boring.

And being a pessimist, I don't just want a plan. I want a backup plan. The more, the better, but one will do.

And when I have those plans, and they make sense, I can relax.

Oh, sure, something will still go wrong; I can't predict everything, try as I might. But I'll at least have some nice, comforting contingencies.
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